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Tasmanian Gem Trio


Fire agate, quartz crystal and penguin jasper set on a adjustable macrame cord. Wear as a choker or longer necklace. It measures up to 40cm in length.

Image of Banksia Serpentine Stitchtite Necklace

Banksia Serpentine Stitch...

Image of Tasmanian Sapphire Copper Ring

Tasmanian Sapphire Copper...

Image of Carnelian Adjustable Ring

Carnelian Adjustable Ring

Image of Tassie Carnelian Copper Ring

Tassie Carnelian Copper Ring

Image of Tasmanian Sapphire Adjustable Ring

Tasmanian Sapphire Adjust...

Image of Rough Tasmanian Sapphire Ring

Rough Tasmanian Sapphire ...

Image of Calder Agate Macrame Cord

Calder Agate Macrame Cord

$32.00 | Sold Out
Image of Tear Drop Calder Agate Necklace

Tear Drop Calder Agate Ne...

$38.00 | Sold Out
Image of Penguin Jasper Red Beaded Cord

Penguin Jasper Red Beaded...

Image of Penguin Jasper Heart Pendant

Penguin Jasper Heart Pendant

Image of Penguin Beach Jasper Necklace

Penguin Beach Jasper Neck...

Image of Penguin Jasper Adjustable Necklace

Penguin Jasper Adjustable...

Image of Penguin Jasper on Beige Cord

Penguin Jasper on Beige Cord

Image of Driftwood Jasper Tribal Necklace

Driftwood Jasper Tribal N...

Image of Penguin Jasper Brown Cord

Penguin Jasper Brown Cord

Image of Agate Macrame Necklace

Agate Macrame Necklace

Image of Tasmanian Serpentine Stitchtite Bracelet

Tasmanian Serpentine Stit...

Image of Stitchtite Serpentine Macrame Bracelet

Stitchtite Serpentine Mac...

Image of Fire Agate Bracelet

Fire Agate Bracelet

Image of Calder Agate Macrame Bracelet

Calder Agate Macrame Brac...

Image of Tasmanian Stitchtite Serpentine Heart Pendant.

Tasmanian Stitchtite Serp...

Image of Penguin Beach Jasper Macrame Necklace

Penguin Beach Jasper Macr...

$32.00 | Sold Out
Image of Aventurine Copper Pendant

Aventurine Copper Pendant

$32.00 | Sold Out
Image of Stitchtite Serpentine Wood Pendant

Stitchtite Serpentine Woo...

Image of Tasmanian Jasper Earrings

Tasmanian Jasper Earrings

Image of Penguin Jasper Pendant

Penguin Jasper Pendant

Image of Tasmanian Smokey Quartz Pendant

Tasmanian Smokey Quartz P...

Image of Calder Agate Sterling Silver Earrings

Calder Agate Sterling Sil...

$25.00 | Sold Out
Image of Tumbled Jasper Agate Necklace

Tumbled Jasper Agate Neck...

Image of Tasmanian Smokey Quartz Electroformed Pendant

Tasmanian Smokey Quartz E...

Image of Copperformed Leaf with Penguin Jasper

Copperformed Leaf with Pe...

Image of Pink Penguin Jasper Necklace

Pink Penguin Jasper Necklace

Image of Tasmanian Serpentine Necklace

Tasmanian Serpentine Neck...

Image of Jasper Agate Pendant

Jasper Agate Pendant

Image of Wire Weave Carnelian Heart Pendant

Wire Weave Carnelian Hear...

Image of Sunset Agate Earrings

Sunset Agate Earrings

Image of Brown Mustard Penguin Jasper Necklace

Brown Mustard Penguin Jas...

Image of Moss Agate Earrings

Moss Agate Earrings

Image of Tasmanian Fire Agate Earrings

Tasmanian Fire Agate Earr...

Image of Vintage Rose Macrame Hanging

Vintage Rose Macrame Hanging

Image of Penguin Jasper Earrings

Penguin Jasper Earrings

Image of Tasmanian Calder Agate Necklace

Tasmanian Calder Agate Ne...


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